Cooper Power Systems

Medium Voltage Accessory Supply is proud to represent Cooper Power Systems

Cooper Power Systems is a global manufacturer and provider of world-class power delivery apparatus and solutions for the utility, commercial, and industrial markets. Reliability and grid-point solutions include: Integrated Volt/Var Control (IVVC), feeder, and substation automation systems. Endpoint solutions include: Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Demand Response (DR). The company is a leading provider of engineering optimization and modeling tools.

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 200A 15kV, 25kV and 35kV Loadbreak Information

 200A 15kV and 25kV  Installation Instructions

 200A 35kV Installation Instructions

 600A 35kV Deadbreak Information

 600A 35kV Installation Instructions

600A 15/25kV Deadbreak Instructions

 SecTER Cabinet

 Single Phase and Three Phase Cooper Power Pad-Mounted Transformer

 Cooper Power Underground Distribution Switchgear